Protection against DDoS attacks without IP address blocking

Traditional DDoS attacks defense usually requires IP addresses blocking
The main problem is that blocking a wide range of IP addresses can simultaneously disable significant network segments like public Wi-Fi for business centers, neighborhoods, and even whole small towns.
We block only malicious automated requests but never IP addresses.
In this case, all the legitimate requests, coming from the same IPs, are not affected.
This allows businesses and public Wi-Fis to work without any interruptions, even under severe DDoS attacks.

Protection against low-frequency attacks (L7)

Single low-frequency attacks are almost impossible to spot as they typically do not require many resources.
That’s why most of the current security solutions cannot detect and mitigate them.
Meanwhile, they can be extremely disruptive. The explosive growth of low-frequency attacks on the application level can paralyze an online resource.
Active Bot Protection algorithms detect and stop even single malicious bot requests across all the levels, including the application level (L7).
Variti provides real-time defense, granting the full online service availability for legitimate users.

Real-time protection with a first response

Most of the market’s bot protection solutions require time to collect statistics about incoming traffic over a period before starting to work.
Those systems need 5-10 minutes on average to be ready to defend.
This is the vulnerability attackers can use for malicious activity
Our system provides full protection instantly in real-time, starting from the first request. We don’t need to collect data to be efficient as our solution is based on patterns tracking.
This also works to protect against click fraud and credential stuffing attacks

Protection from automated data exfiltration

Malicious applications help criminals to organize unauthorised data aggregation, copycatting and scraping.
Today’s market tech solutions cannot detect and prevent this, while legal restrictions often don’t work properly in this case.
Variti has the market’s unique features to prevent unauthorised data aggregation and scraping.
Our solution identifies all the automated requests from the first request and disables all illegitimate traffic, making content stealing practically impossible and wasteful for criminals.

Encrypted traffic protection (HTTPS)

The encrypted traffic protection gets more complicated as it cannot provide data disclosure.
Typically, the encrypted traffic is protected by IP addresses blocking where single requests blocking is impossible.
These security solutions require more integration, making the protection of resources challenging to maintain.
We filter the encrypted HTTPS traffic without IP addresses blocking.
This way Variti protects personal bank accounts, payment systems, and other online resources with sensitive data.