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Don’t use CAPTCHA – It’s Ineffective

CAPTCHA (Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Human Apart) was first created in 1997. Over the years CAPTCHA has evolved to become smarter but so have bots and they have evolved smarter than the fix.

So much so that you can buy a solution to bypass CAPTCHAs for as little as $5!

What remains of CAPTCHA is an annoyance to real customers and a simple step for bots to bypass.

The problem of determining humans vs bots remain with the added headache of identifying good bots vs bad bots. The rate of growth for both bad bots (looking to scrape, hack, spam etc) and good bots (that book travel, place orders etc) means CAPTCHA will become more and more ineffective.

The Solution

What you need is a robust solution like Variti’s that can differentiate between humans and bots, differentiate good vs bad bots and block the bad bots from the first request without any effect on real customers at all.

Instead of annoying your customers with CAPTCHA use Variti to secure your websites, give you piece of mind and allow your users a seamless experience.

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We know that you are not a bot. Active Bot Protection technology makes
CAPTCHA obsolete.