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Protection against DDoS attacks – tariff overview

Basic fee
10 000 RUB/month
40 000 RUB/month
On request
Included traffic
2 Mbit/s
10 Mbit/s
On request
Protection from Network layer DDoS attacks (L3-4)
Intelligent protection from Application layer DDoS attacks (L7)
Guaranteed resource availability
98,0 %
99,5 %
99,9 %
Reaction time of technical support
60 min.
30 min.
15 min.
Number of protected resources
Costs for additional capacity per Mbit/s 1
1 000 RUB/month
700 RUB/month
On request
1 Chargeable indicator (data traffic) – dominated clean data traffic (the highest of both, but usually it is an outgoing traffic from the customer). The average bandwidth of the incoming and outgoing traffic is calculated separately every minute (in Mbit/s). Statistics are recorded for a month, 5% of the highest values are deducted (36 hours). The maximum value is estimated in each direction (the 95th percentile). The highest of these both values is the bandwidth of the chargeable data traffic.

2 1 day under the DDOS attack.

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