What is a DDoS attack

Dishonest competitors and delinquents launch DDoS attacks via the Internet. Distributed DoS attacks create problems for the website by causing a denial of service. As a result, well-meaning visitors of Internet resources are denied access to information and commercial services, or may experience difficulties with the website functionality. DDoS attacks are extremely popular among hackers. They are an inexpensive but effective way to disrupt the work of online services while remaining unpunished.

According to the method of impact, the following attack techniques are distinguished:

Network layer DDoS attacks – restrict the functioning of server equipment as well as disrupt the operation of software due to the vulnerability of protocols.

Application layer DDoS attacks – target the “weak points” of the website, act specifically, are characterized by minimal consumption of resources, dominate in frequency of occurrence and require a complex as well as expensive “antidote”.

How Active Bot Protection works:

  • We let all incoming traffic of the website pass through a distributed network of VARITI filtering nodes.
  • We analyze traffic in real time with regard to multiple characteristics.
  • By means of mathematical algorithms of our own development we filter automated traffic from queries of real users.
  • All requests are classified as either legitimate or illegitimate (real user or bot).
  • We divide traffic from a single IP address (mobile or wireless Internet, provider with NAT, public Wi-Fi).
  • Suspicious visitors are checked unnoticed; an expanded inspection is carried out based on the analysis of behavioral factors.
  • Upon detection of a DDoS attack or an automated scanning threat, Active Bot Protection immediately blocks malicious traffic (response time less than 50 ms).
  • Well-meaning users continue to enjoy the website’s functionality and services.
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Advantages and benefits

Uninterrupted business processes
Protection in real time starting with the first query; functionality and services of the protected website are stable during any attack, including the protection against low-frequency attacks on the application level (L7).
Protection against all types of DDoS attacks
Our built-in mathematical algorithms detect DDoS attacks on the application level; error rate of the system by the metrics “false positive” and “false negative” is less than 0,01%.
Customer convenience
Quick and easy connection process without manual configuration, full reporting and round-the-clock technical support immediately after connecting.
Protection against low-frequency threats
100% detection, cutting off and blocking of individual and low-frequency attacks on the application level (L7) and single bots.
Encrypted traffic protection
HTTPS-traffic real-time filtering, without IP address blocking and blocking on the application level (L7).

“The result: During three months of cooperation with the company Variti, no failures in service operation took place, legitimate data traffic remains fully preserved; there is access to the graphs of the defended attacks in the customer area”.


“Media Holding News Media is a global media resource of the new generation. We set the trends in the development of mass media, integrate promising information technologies and shape a lifestyle of the active internet audience. On the pages of our web resources one can find news items from the areas of politics and business, finance and show business, culture and science, sports and health, tourism and travel, as well as much useful information on other topics. Famous writers and citizen journalists create an independent and impartial image of our media holding. We are not afraid to publish fascinating journalistic investigations, to familiarize readers with revealing content, to show live reports and to come out with the scandalous details of significant events before others.

In view of the popularity among the Russian internet audience and the ambiguous attitude towards the published content, web resources of our media holding are often the target for massive and single DDoS attacks. In order to solve the problems with user operation and to ensure the continuous functionality of online services, we use services of the companies which offer protection in the field of information security.

Four years ago we set protection against DDoS attacks from one of the leaders of the Russian market in DDoS protection. Despite the overall positive impression, there were problems with website availability at the transport level and with quality of communication between the two networks. As a result, we switched the supplier of DDoS protection and implemented the operation on BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) with the undoubted leader of the domestic market for antivirus technologies. But we had to cope with network attacks and attacks on the application level by ourselves.

Over time we turned to the services of the largest Russian telecommunication company to protect against DDoS attacks. Due to the terms of the contract and the integration specification, the supplier controlled our DNS zone, which led to the problems with our service availability. Within three weeks two cases of denial of service were registered, during one hour our service was not available to the users. We decided again to switch the supplier of DDoS protection.

After a long search for a reliable supplier of IT services in the field of information security, we chose Variti. At one of the industry conferences the colleagues from Variti presented a promising high-tech protection from DDoS attacks. A constant all-round protection on the application level is a unique technology on the market and the best competitive offer. We did not think for long: Within twenty-four hours we were connected to the Active Bot Protection technology, it took two days to agree on the details and to sign the contract. The result: During three months of cooperation with the company Variti, no failures in service operation took place, legitimate data traffic remains fully preserved; there is access to the graphs of the defended attacks in the customer area”.

Evgeny Volkov
Digital Director Life.ru