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What is secure hosting

Secure hosting – these are complex services of classic VDS-hosting, complemented with integrated protection of the customer’s website from DDoS attacks.

Criteria for secure hosting:

  • Security system with a large number of levels of protection (integrated protection against DDoS attacks, traffic filtering, own SSL certificates, load optimization, backup etc.)
  • Reliable server hardware in a certified data center
  • High-speed Russian and foreign Internet circuits with large capacity
  • Stable operation of customers’ websites under extreme loads and DDoS attacks of any type and extent.

Secure hosting shows maximum flexibility of applied technical solutions and welcomes any development scenarios.

How secure hosting from Variti works

In order to protect the website hosting, we offer a reliable classic VDS-hosting with integrated protection from DDoS attacks at all levels of OSI/ISO model. Huge traffic volumes are analyzed in real time through a distributed network of filtering nodes. Our intelligent system distinguishes between different users with the same IP address based on their requests and behavior on the website. Due to the use of unique mathematical algorithms, the Variti system accurately identifies and blocks only illegitimate requests.

How Active Bot Protection works:

  • We let all incoming traffic of the website pass through a distributed network of VARITI filtering nodes.
  • We analyze traffic in real time with regard to multiple characteristics.
  • By means of mathematical algorithms of our own development we filter automated traffic from queries of real users.
  • All requests are classified as either legitimate or illegitimate (real user or bot).
  • We divide traffic from a single IP address (mobile or wireless Internet, provider with NAT, public Wi-Fi).
  • Suspicious visitors are checked unnoticed; an expanded inspection is carried out based on the analysis of behavioral factors.
  • Upon detection of a DDoS attack or an automated scanning threat, Active Bot Protection immediately blocks malicious traffic (response time less than 50 ms).
  • Well-meaning users continue to enjoy the website’s functionality and services.
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Secure hosting – tariff overview

Basic fee
450 €/month
900 €/month
Disk space
30 Gb
50 Gb
Fast SSD drives
Intel Xeon Processors
Random Access Memory (RAM)
4 Gb
8 Gb
Permanent protection from DDoS (L3-4, L7)
Dedicated IP address
100 Mbps
100 Mbps
Included legitimate (filtered) traffic 1
4 Mbps
4 Mbps
1 If you need to protect a larger volume of traffic see rates DDoS Protection.

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