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Online Bots – 3 Things to Know

Whether you are a start-up or an enterprise company the significance of a bot protection strategy is paramount in continues growth and being safe in the online world. Before we talk about how bots harm web businesses we need to understand how bots are evolving.

1. Bots are Everywhere!

Bots make up over 50% of web traffic, which means if you build it they will come. Whether your website is how you sell your products/services, informational to build your brand awareness or thought leadership you will encounter bots. From your partners using the content to resell, google bots or competitors using your information to compete with you.

The point is bots are here to stay.

2. Bots are Increasing Rapidly!

As content increases, as competition increases online, so does bot traffic! It is evolving at a faster pace to match and exploit websites and brands.

Good bots from search engines, SEO crawlers ect need to keep up with the rapidly changing content and prices.

Bad bots need to evolve to scrape more sites quicker to keep up with price and content changes so your competitors can match pricing or undercut you in almost real time.

3. Bots are Mimicking Human Behaviour

The key reason most tools fail to address bots is because they are more sophisticated and mimic humans. They interact directly with the webpages, filling in web forms, filling shopping carts or using user login fields. This makes them more threating and frustrating for online businesses!

All in all, businesses need to have a proactive bot protection strategy. Variti’s Active Bot Protection is powered by in house algorithms and machine learning that enables us to block from the first attempt. This ensures the security and availability of your website with no trade off on customer experience.

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