Variti protection

Active Bot Protection includes API protection to mitigate API and mobile malicious traffic and defense from low-frequency bot attacks that are normally missed in most other market’s solutions.

Example of brute force attacks targeting users' passwords. Note that human traffic varies depending on the time of the day while bot traffic is constant.

Variti detects and mitigates DDoS attacks on all levels, including mobile APIs

APIs major threats

The rapid evolution of mobile internet and the growing number of smartphones in use influenced many businesses to develop and support mobile applications to let their users access services from everywhere.

Most mobile applications use a client-server architecture where the application is installed on the user's device, and the service content is delivered via a centralized API. Vulnerable APIs attract hackers and other cybercriminals.

API attacks aim to make a mobile service unavailable or scrape some critical data. The typical solution companies use for protection is IP blocking. But this method is both ineffective and dangerous. Since the IP address is easy to find (for example, through resources monitoring) and easy to replace (or spoof), intruders can simply turn off Wi-Fi in your offices or public access points, or prevent the whole region from accessing the company’s services. The latter case is especially disruptive as the entire service can appear to be functioning normally, while other areas don’t have access to it.

Active Bot Protection filters and stops all API requests made by malicious bots without compromising real users. The application backend will receive traffic purged from undesirable requests.

Active Bot Protection technology leverages a set of highly optimized algorithms for every single request to identify bot and emulator signatures and classify all the online inquiries across the entire customer journey. The method includes statistics, tech data, and behavior analysis to distinguish bots and humans with a high confidence level.