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Why Traditional Techniques Fail to Block Bots?

With the rise of online businesses and content globally the web has seen a dramatic increase in traffic, with 50% of total web traffic being bots. With this rapid growth and evolution traditional methods have fallen behind.

Code Level Security

Code Level Security is effective when it comes to basic website threats and it is good practise to implement in the initial stages of development.

Why Code Level Security Fails

As bots have evolved to exploit new vulnerabilities and mimic human behaviour, it is near impossible for Code Level Security measures to detect and prevent these attacks. Leaving websites vulnerable to majority of attacks.

IP Blocking

IP filtering can be effective in certain situations. For example, you might want to block a specific subset of web traffic to your site, such as geographic location or only allowing whitelisted IP addresses.

Why IP Blocking Fails

It is difficult and tedious to track and block/allow individual IPs manually when 50% of web traffic is made up of bots.

Most importantly, majority of IPs have multiple users behind them blocking an IP to stop a scraper also means blocking a legitimate customer. Also, the ability to rent space on the cloud means hackers have access to new IP addresses quickly and frequently, rendering blocked IPs useless.

To have effective website protection organisations need to look at a proactive bot detection solution that combats evolving attacks and bots with new methods.

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