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Protection against DDoS attacks without IP address blocking

Traditional defence against DDoS attacks usually involves blocking a wide range of IP addresses.
The main problem with this method is that signicifacant segments of network components such as public WI-Fi, business centers, neighbourhoods and even small towns could be caught up in an IP range that is blocked to 'protect' against DDoS attacks.
A superior security company is usually regarded by the amount of the IP addresses it is able to detect and block during a potential attack.
Only malicious automated queries are blocked.
Legitimate requests under the same IP range are not affected. Even during an active DDoS-attack, allowing all business operations to function without any interruptions.
Ultimately, customers may continue using the service and the service provider will maintain its visitor frequency and database.

Protection against low-frequency attacks (L7)

Single low-frequency bots are almost impossible to pinpoint.
Low-frequency DDoS attacks usually do not require large amount of resources; they do not alter the statistics and remain unnoticed.
The explosive growth of attacks on the application level paralyzes the work of internet resources.
Currently, there is no effective protection on the market.
Single malware requests along with low-frequency attacks are identified, including the application level L7.
All automated malicious requests are fully disabled.
Variti provides real time defence without affecting user experience.
We guarantee availability of internet resources during low-frequency attacks on the application level.

Real-time protection with a first response

The operating principle of protection against automated bots is based on the collection of statistical information about the incoming traffic.
Malicious requests are interrupted after the system analyzes the attack and activates the protective filter.
The system needs on average 5-10 minutes to go into full defensive mode.
Our system starts protection from the very first request without the need to collect statistical information ensuring you are protected in real-time.
We also guarantee protection against click-fraud and automated hacking.

Protection from automated data exfiltration

Automated data exfiltration or web scraping of content is performed by special applications through a large number of bot requests.
Unauthorized automatic copying of information leads to the loss of of unique content.
Legal countermeasures are limited, human resources are expensive and there are no technological alternatives.
We identify automated requests from the first attack and disable all illegitimate traffic.
We protect all the content against automatic scanning and web scraping.
We make automatic data download practically impossible and/or economically inefficient.
There are currently no alternative technical solutions on the market.

Encrypted traffic protection (HTTPS)

Protection of encrypted traffic without data disclosure is done with blocking of IP addresses and activation of time delay; blockage of single requests becomes impossible.
Services of competitors require more integration, making the protection of resources difficult to maintain.
The availability of customers’ websites depends on the reliability of the applied solution.
We filter the encrypted HTTPS traffic without disclosure of sensitive data and without blocking by IP addresses.
We protect personal bank accounts, payment systems and other web resources containing sensitive information.

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