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Our clients

“We analyzed Variti’s proposal along with a few other offerings like those from Imperva, Nginx, and Cloudflare. During the testing period, we were impressed with their team that gave a willing hand to onboard their bot mitigation platform and how easy it was to test their services safely in “real-world” conditions. It didn’t take long to realize that Variti’s protection is error-free and reliable.“


“BUYAGIFT is a top-notch provider of gifts across UK and mainland Europe offering a vast range of more than 9000 amazing experiences for all personality types and budgets both online and in high street. Although we were able to protect our operations against a few DDoS / bot attacks by applying several precautions (rate-limitation policies, black-lists, etc.), we felt that these conventional defences were inefficient & inadequate because it took us a long time to implement & fine-tune them and there was always a risk of intercepting legitimate incoming traffic & losing business & revenue. We knew that we had to introduce a professional-grade solution and eventually selected VARITI.

We evaluated VARITI along with a few other offerings like IMPERVA, NGINX & CLOUDFLARE. During testing period, we were impressed by how willing their people were to help us onboard their platform and how easily we were able to test it in “real-world” conditions – yet safely. We soon realized that VARITI’s protection is accurate & reliable. In our case, it presented an advantage over competitive options offering a simplicity in configuration & management while it allowed us to fine-tune its filtering with a straight-forward approach within a few iterations (as opposed to other rules-based platforms that require a significant amount of time & effort to fine-tune their complex configurations).

We started running our production workloads under VARITI protection during our peak trading period and were compensated with a full 3 months of quiet & safe operation. In the course of this, we identified a few occasions where malicious attacks occurred but did not actually have any impact on our sites because they were correctly intercepted by VARITI.

We also had a few opportunities to know how competent their technical support people are. It never took them more than a few minutes to reply and help us fix problems or improve our protection. They listen carefully to their customers’ requirements & are quick to improve their platform or offer customized solutions.

Although cost was not a prime factor in our selection process, we were pleased by their pricing, too. We feel confident that we have made a good investment of our budget in a modern & efficient long-term solution.“

Panagiotis Tsapralis
Head of Networks at Smartbox